Friday, August 06, 2004

Comeback: Golden Corral and Plantation Buffet

It really has been nine months since I've eaten at a buffet besides the ones I've covered in this blog. This hungry streak was broken twice over this past week.

While in Winder, Georgia on Monday, I ate at the Golden Corral, a chain that has yet to open a franchise in Athens. It's a lot better than Ryan's for food quality and dollar value. Some of the items avialable that simply aren't found elsewhere are broccoli and cheese casserole and boiled okra. The fried chicken is just as good as that made by specialty restaurants. The bakery is updated with fresh bread every 15 minutes, though I didn't eat any bread because that would have filled me up too soon. The only thing I didn't finish on my second plate was the poorly named "Awesome Pot Roast."

Plantation Buffet is a locally owned and operated southern buffet in Athens, located on Commerce Road next to the bypass. This is the kind of place that SoBuff is especially mandated to review. The selection is pure southern cooking. Better yet, it's a flat $7 for each person, tax included. Diners are nicely asked to "take what you want but eat what you take."

Both these places have a common flaw: the tables are too close together. It's a little tight in each place when going to and from the bar but this is easily forgiven and overlooked, as a successful southern buffet really needs to make all the room it can for a grateful clientele.