Monday, February 08, 2010

King Buffet, Nashville, TN

My first visit to Nashville would be incomplete without checking out local buffet. I wasn't interested in yet another Golden Corral or Shoney's but in something independently owned and operated. Because of our location, time of day and related contingencies, my friend Al and I chose the nearest all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant, Chinese-American establishment King Buffet, housed in a building that may well have been something like a Shoney's in origin.

We arrived early into the typical post-rush hour dinner period so, as we were escorted to our assigned table, we were greeted by the hot steam and welcoming aroma of freshly-made staples. Between the two of us, we were to discover that some items got priority over others. While I was pleased with the white rice, mixed vegetables (I never tried the steamed vegetables), chicken and broccoli, teriyaki chicken, baked crab meat and General Tso's chicken (and for once, I didn't have Mongolian beef because I saw none), Al found the wasabi to be bland, the French fries cold and the "Valentine chicken" to taste like battered chicken with only corn syrup added, too bland to be judged good or bad . He did like the baked turnip greens, although it slipped my mind to try them myself. They also offer sushi, which I didn't try and of which Al expressed no complaints. And the fried rice was good.

Overall, it's a fine place for an $8 meal if you just want a quick stop and don't hold lofty expectations. Some will eat only the staples that I was pleased with. Others will try the expanded selection and figure they got about what they paid for. And the cappuccino cakes were reasonably good, too.
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