Saturday, May 08, 2010

Phoenix Chinese Restaurant, Elberton, GA

Last Saturday evening, I unexpectedly found myself in the Elberton area, so I decided to go ahead and eat while I was there. I had originally intended to go to Hunan's but, upon arrival, I found they only have the buffet out for lunch hours, so I went back the other way on Elbert Street to a small place I've passed by many times but never stopped in, Phoenix Chinese Restaurant.

The building is almost too small; there are something like a dozen tables and the buffet bars are very cramped, but the food proves to be a very good value for the low advertised price. There isn't enough room for an especially diverse menu but all of the most popular staples are covered. The crispy noodles they use taste like something more gourmet than you find in most Chinese restaurants.

The proprietors and staff are very pleasant people and they make the cramped quarters much more comfortable with the friendly atmosphere. If it were more convenient to where I live and usually make my rounds, I would go often.